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Arad, Romania

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加入时间: June 20, 2006


I chosed photography to express myself and not other arts because I had an instant passion for it from the moment I put my hands on my first camera. At start, as a biologist I used this camera to simply record nature, plants and animals I encountered during my numerous trips. Many years later I begun to discover other aspects of photography, more artistic and abstract, inspired by artists that presented their works on the internet. I never learned directly from other people until I established myself in Arad, where I was a frequent visitor of photography galleries and exhibitions, such as those of artists from Photo Club Arad. I must admit I learned o a lot from these people, especially since january 2005, when I was admited as a member of this non-governmental organisation. In March 2005 I participated for the first time to a photo exhibition, named “Group 5”. The fact that the photos presented in this exhibition had a real success, encouraged me to participate ever since to several contests and exhibitions, national and international, but the most representative among these was the national contest of photography “Photogeographica 2005”, where I won the 3-rd prize in the artistic section, with the photography “Old times …”. At first I was passionate only about travel and nature photography, where macrophotography had (and still has) a major place, but in the last two years I studied also cityscapes and architecture photography, abstract and still life photography, experimental and advertising photography, computer graphics and digital photography, and portrait as a favourite. In June 2006 I had my first personal exhibition in Arad, witch was called “First Love aka. Nature” and was very succesfull. One can see the photograps from this exhibition at the following address: Now I want to evolve and become a serious and professional photographer; I want to make a career in photography but at the same time I want to continue to do photography for my own pleasure.
Nikon D80, with 18-135 mm lenses, tripods, various filters, studio equipment
nature, landscapes, macro, animals and plants, portrait, still life, abstract, cityscapes, architecture

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