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I've been capturing images that tickle my brain ever since my parents handed me my first camera in 4th grade- a well-loved old Brownie Starflex. My "thing" is lighting-- the more natural, the better. Back-lighting and worm's-eye-views have become near-obsessions. As an art major at Goshen College years ago, the best advice I got there from a favorite professor was to "Play with it!!"... sage advice which I still follow today.

I have a poor memory for certain things (and a great memory for others), so one great joy through photography is its beautiful way of letting me etch moments in my memory. That special ray of light, or fabulous color which would otherwise get forgotten becomes to me like an old friend. Closeups from odd angles and back-lighting make me happy as a clam, although I've always wondered whether clams are really all that happy as bottom-feeders?!

Anyway, it's hard to catch me without a camera, and I imagine I'll always be discovering new techniques as well as the next great slant of light in that wonderful moment in that incredible corner of the world--even if it's my hometown. Besides, I never tire of getting other folks to look up & see what the lens is pointing at, or look down and notice the tiny snowdrop flowers they'd missed. The frequent chuckle I hear is worth every minute of dragging cameras around "just for fun".
Nikon D1X, Minolta X-700, Olympus E-500, Leica M2, various lenses
Nature-- trees, plants, flowers, birds, animals, skies, closeups. Also-- scenery, travel, local flavor, hands, abstracts, backgrounds CLICK for collections: Classic Cars Musical Instruments Flowers Backgrounds Ocean Grove NJ


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