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Susan Quenon


Port Townsend, United States

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加入时间: June 15, 2012


I am a person who loves to create. I work with colors and textures, fabrics and fibers, paint and paper, and words on the electronic page. I also travel and photograph the people and things that interest me: images that capture memories and keep them vivid in my mind.

My photography to date has been strictly amateur, but now my life circumstances have changed and I want to change that, too. I started taking photography classes back in the 1970’s with my dad’s old 35mm Leica. I learned to decode manual light meters, wind exposed film onto a metal spool in a darkroom, play with exposure times and fixative baths. It was all black and white back then. (And no, I’m not 102. Yet.)

But the world’s gone digital since then and so have I…but only up to a certain point.

I have so many things to learn, like how to work with digitized images. Better equipment to acquire as my skills warrant it. And I need practice. So I’ve decided to participate in challenges that will push me to improve composition, learn how to best use light, cut the distractions and key in on the core. I want to learn how to “see” differently – better – and the way I learn is by doing. And, like Monet painting his haystacks, that means photographing a subject over and over again in different conditions to better understand light and composition.

I start each voyage with a plan, but I’m not afraid to deviate for it – or pitch it out the window altogether – when the mood strikes. I’m the person who will turn down that old dirt road just to see what’s there. Or miss lunch because a brouhaha over at the fish market was getting interesting. Or simply stand engrossed in the rebirth of an old doorknob as the light changes. If it's something new, it gets my attention.
For a very long time my “working” digital camera was an Olympus FE-220. I relished the whopping 7.1 MP, although clear close-up shots were pretty much impossible. It went into my pockets, my backpack, my purse…anywhere and everywhere. And then I lost it. That was months ago and it remains “otherwise located.” Which is nothing more than an excellent excuse to step up a bit while I begin my serious education in digital photography. That next step has just arrived: a new “old” FujiFilm FinePix S8630 with 16MP and a (more) decent zoom lens. True, it’s toward the bottom of the “bridge” category. But I’m not in a position to make a huge leap and this will meet my needs while I’m figuring out the digital world. In the meantime, I’m squirreling all my “extra” cash into saving for an old model FujiFilm X100S. It’s been recommended to me as a solid starter camera for serious photography. But the budget’s not ready to take that kind of hit for a while. That’s OK…for now.
Travel photography, landscapes, beach combing, architecture, ancient artifacts, and "surprises."


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